How To Make Background Screening a Smooth Experience for Your Candidates

Background checks have become an essential part of the hiring process over the last decade. Today, many HR teams face such challenges as increased responsibility and the lack of workforce that can become obstacles to performing compliant pre-employment background checks. Usually, background screening is the final step in the hiring process which takes place when employees feel sure about a candidate and want to confirm that they’re hiring the best talent. Although most job seekers know about pre-employment screening, communication is crucial, so it’s vital to let your candidates know how the process is going and where they are currently. 

Clear communication from the organization’s end is appreciated during this process and can help build a strong relationship from the very beginning. This blog looks at different tips you can follow to improve communication during your background check and make it a more compliant and smooth experience for all your potential employees. 

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Ensure Security and Privacy

A background check can usually open a pandora box of discreet information. Hence, the background check should be conducted securely to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved in the process. 


Some candidates may be really concerned about a few details of their past and would like the information to remain confidential and private at all costs. As an organization, you should take care of privacy by having stringent data security measures in place so that all candidate information is secured and can’t be compromised by third parties.  

Speed up Turnaround Time 

Even potential employees with clean records might get worried if the results take some time to come through. You need to be clear about the process and clarify the timeframes and expectations. Background checks shouldn’t linger for too long, as this may create a negative impression among all candidates. Make sure that you have a complete check available within 2 to 3 days. By the way, our team of experts can guarantee that our turnaround time is under 8 hours. 

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Decision-Making Process 

Candidates who haven’t been in a background check before would not know what is involved in one. All such candidates should know what goes into the background check and should be told that the background check isn’t a test that qualifies or disqualifies them. In fact, the background check just gives organizations an assurance of their past and what they have achieved in life. 


If the background check reveals information that can lead to disqualification, it is necessary that the management discuss it with the candidate and develop the right strategy. Candidates should be given the right to protest or dispute information in the check. 

Stay Compliant 

Finally, background checks are governed by federal and state laws, and you should comply with them for smooth operation. The results can determine your decision to hire or reject an employee, which is why you should share the results with them.


If a candidate requires a copy of the background check, you are required by law to submit them one. It is often easier and even necessary for organizations to partner with third-party service providers that have experience and resources to run these checks. The data should always be presented in the form of a report so that candidates have access to all the information revealed in the check. Here, at Information On Demand, we can guarantee that by requesting a background check from us, you get comprehensive reports and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more.

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